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"In the last decade CEPICAT has experienced constant growth in experience and sales volume, we are operating in more than 40 countries."

CEPICAT was founded in 2005 with the aim of being a reference in modern brush production. Since the beginning of the activity we have placed special focus on the manufacture of high quality brushes with modern systems, machinery and production processes as well as the development of innovative products.

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Cepibrush stone

Cepibrush stone

The nylon abrasive brushes are manufactured in PA 6.12 nylon with diamond, silicon carbide and ceramic. The quality of the raw material is essential for the life of the brushes and the cutting capacity.
With the Cepibrush stone we get the perfect textured finishes for all kinds of materials, such as granite, marble, quarz, terrazzo, etc.
This aged finish on the different surfaces is called the skin effect or the silk effect
Cepibrush metal

Cepibrush metal

Metal deburring brushes are used to remove burrs from all machined or stamped parts.
They are widely used in fine-cut industries and sintered parts. We manufacture them with different types of abrasives, such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond, ceramic and zirconium.
Cepiflex stone

Cepiflex stone

Our CEPIFLEX range is the development of abrasive brushes injected into rubber. They produce a softer textured effect than abrasive nylon brushes, which means they have finishes with fewer scratches.
We produce two types of CEPIFLEX:
LUX: They are used to get both a high brightness level and a high cutting capacity
MAT: For less glazed finishes, to achieve the matt effect. They have less cutting power than the LUX.
Cepibrush Wheels

Cepibrush Wheels

We design abrasive brushes to deburr aluminum wheels according to the needs of each client.
Basically we have 3 types of formats:
Inserted: Maximum flexibility adaptable to all types of rims.
Hybrid: Medium flexibility with more life cycle.
BIG: Maximum life cycle with limited flexibility. They are made to measure for each model.

Sectors for which we produce

We manufacture many standard products for the deburring and finishing machines that are on the market, as well as products tailored to the customer. We work with sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, construction, etc.
Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Our products are suitable for 2 types of natural stone finishes:
Aged effect
We manufacture abrasive nylon brushes to give the marble and granite texture. The bristles of these can be silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond and among others an abrasive ceramic.
Satin effect
We manufacture rubber brushes with abrasive CEPIFLEX which produces a satin effect on the materials. They are less aggressive than abrasive nylon brushes producing a less textured result than the "aged effect"
Quartz surfaces

Quartz surfaces

The quartz surface is softer than ceramics and the abrasives are less aggressive. We currently get finishes which combine traditional abrasives with our CEPIFLEX rubber products.
The quartz market demands finishes of different roughnesses and brightness levels.
The different manufacturers' most popular finishes are suede, rugged concrete, wind....


The "Satin" effect, our brushes made of carbide, diamond and ceramics are used. Or "Mate" which has a very low glaze levels, which we achieve by combining.
The ceramic market demands products with low glaze levels with perfect finishes that do not show any sign of the abrasives and that are produced with an anti-stain
Metal deburring

Metal deburring

Metal machining processes can create burr which leads to numerous problems of quality, with flexible abrasives being the most accurate and effective solution that exists.
We design our brushes according to the shape of the piece to be deburred, which obtains the best possible finish for the piece.
Our engineering team works on each project exclusively to create unique products for our clients.


Rugged Concrete on quartz surface

Rugged Concrete on quartz surface

30 / MAR / 2019

The Rough concrete finish, complex, technologically advanced surface offers a compelling tactile effect, while still retaining a smooth profile that is inviting to touch. Rough finish has a distinctive, courser look with low light reflection, inspiring a modern industrial vibe..
Rough finish is designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials, the variations in appearance capture real depth and movement, revealing different qualities that make each slab distinct.

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001: 2015

28 / FEB / 2019
Our dedication and commitment to quality have earned us ISO-9001:2008 certification since 2010.

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